Implant Choices And Placement

Diagnosis is achieved by

  1.  Clinical examination
  2. Intra and extra oral photographs
  3. Intra and extra oral radiographs
  4. Computerising tomography
  5. Study models

After collection this date and listening to your expectation, we make a plan and give you the options of treatments available. We believe in discussing each option with you to make sure you understand the procedure, what to expect and limitations for each procedure. This gives you a better understanding to make an informed decision.

Time and money play a very important role in making a decision. Thankfully our team offers extended working hours during the week days and also work on Saturdays to be there for you. Another added advantage is, our practise offers DentiCare payment plan, which provides flexibility in making the payment for the cost of the treatment. These great advantages help us make your treatment plan custom made to suit your individual needs in most situations.

Not all treatments are suitable for every individual. we collect all the required information in the first appointment, which makes it easier for us to give you the best alternatives.

We are very proud of our abilities, at the same time we understand our limitations. Our team is committed to attend CDE programs to improve our knowledge and stay up to date. If  a situation arises needing a specialists opinion or help, we will happily get that for you, following which we continue to do the maintenance of your dental treatment.

Placing an implant in to the jaw bone is a very important step, it is done in different ways depending on the situation. Few of them are…

  1. Implants are placed in bone, soft tissue is covered over it until it heals.
  2. Implant is placed followed by healing abutment on the same day.
  3. Placement of implant and temporary crown on the same day.

We  will discuss with you, what  procedure suits you best.

In majority of the cases after the implant is ossiointegrated in to the bone tissue, a permanent crown or denture is placed.