Fixed Partial Denture

A bridge is usually used where there are fewer teeth to replace, or when the missing teeth are only on one side of the mouth.

Bridge is a good option when you have enough strong teeth with good bone support.  We can help you decide the best way of replacing your missing teeth within your budget.
Bridges are usually made of a precious metal base.  If the bridge will show, porcelain is then bonded to the base. Sometimes, there are other non-precious metals used in the base to reduce the cost. With the advance in technologies bridges completely made of ceramic is also available to specified areas.

Although a bridge may seem expensive it will last many years.  It will also improve your appearance and bite in a very short amount of times, sometimes in few days.  A bridge uses the considerable skill of the dentist and technician, and in this way, it’s similar to ordering a piece of hand-made jewelry. The materials are also expensive so it’s fair to say a bridge will not be the cheapest treatment you have ever had.

You need to clean your bridge every day, to prevent problems such as bad breath and gum disease.  You also have to clean under the false tooth every day.  We can show you how to use special floss to clean a bridge as a normal toothbrush cannot reach.